Karvan Cévitam 浆果水糖浆 - lemonade syrup berries

产品含量:750毫升,成份:葡萄糖,蔗糖,焦糖,草本植物提取物1.5(甘草根,芭蕉叶,黑莓叶,甘菊花,棉花糖,桉树叶,接骨木花,冰岛苔,罂粟,黑火炬,矢车菊花,菩提树 开花,锦葵开花,万寿菊开花,鼠尾草叶,西洋蓍草开花,月见草开花,血清冰,百里香),天然风味(薄荷,桉树,茴香,薄荷脑)。 可能含有麸质的痕迹。 平均营养价值:每100克1255kJ / 300kcal - Content product: 750 ml, Ingredients: dextrose, cane sugar, caramel, herb extract 1.5 (liquorice root, plantain leaf, blackberry leaf, camomile blossom, marshmallow, eucalyptus leaf, elderflower, iceland moss, poppy, black torchblossum, cornflower blossom, linden blossom, mallow blossom, marigold blossoms, sage leaf, yarrow blossom, primrose blossom, sera ice , thyme), natural flavor (mint, eucalyptus, anise, menthol). may contain traces of gluten. Average nutrional value: 1255kJ/300kcal per 100 gram
Weight 1075 Gram
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