Chocomel chocolate milk semi-skimmed

产品含量:1000ml,成分:牛奶(1.4%脂肪),糖,可可(1.6%),葡萄糖(0.7%),稳定剂:角叉菜胶和瓜尔豆胶。 过敏:牛奶。 平均营养价值:每100克320kJ / 76kcal - Content product: 1000ml, Ingredients: milk (1.4% fat), sugar, cocoa (1.6%), grape sugar (0.7%), stabilizers: carrageenan and guar gum. Allergy: Milk. Average nutrional value: 320kJ/76kcal per 100 gram
Weight 1090 Gram
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