Roosvicee 浆果糖浆 - berries mix lemonade syrup

产品含量:500毫升。 成分:浓缩果汁68%(番茄,玫瑰果25%,接骨木,苹果,红醋栗3%,覆盆子3%),糖,食用酸(柠檬酸),维生素C,天然香料,防腐剂(山梨酸钾)。 使用说明:使用前,冰箱打开后摇匀。 平均营养价值:每100毫升970kJ / 230kcal - Content product: 500 ml. Ingredients: juice from fruit juice concentrate 68% (tomato, rosehip 25%, elderberry, apple, red currant 3%, raspberry 3%), sugar, food acid (citric acid), vitamin C, natural flavor, preservative (potassium sorbate). Instructions for use: shake before use, after opening in the refrigerator. Average nutritional value: 970kJ / 230kcal per 100ml
Weight 870 Gram
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