Zwitsal 无皂蜡 - soap free waxen

产品含量:200毫升。 支持婴儿皮肤的天然水分平衡,防止干燥。 如果你知道沐浴后皮肤仍然感觉可爱柔软,那么在浴缸里泼水很有趣也很好。 抗刺配方,温和,低过敏性,皮肤病学测试,pH皮肤中性。 请注意:仅供外部使用。 成分:阿瓜,甘油,椰油酰胺丙基甜菜碱,椰油酰甘氨酸钠,聚丙烯酸酯-33,洋甘菊花提取物,红没药醇,丙二醇,丁二醇,香水,氯化钠,椰子酸,月桂酸,氢氧化钠,EDTA四钠,依替膦酸, 辛二醇,苯氧乙醇,苯甲酸钠 - Content product: 200 ml. Supports the natural moisture balance of the baby's skin and protects against drying out. Splashing in a bath is fun and extra nice if you know that after bathing the skin still feels cuddly soft. Anti-prick formula, mild, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, pH skin neutral. Please note: only for external use. Ingredients: agua, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium cocoyl glycinate, polyacrylate-33, chamomilla recutita flower extract, bisabolol, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, parfum, sodium chloride, coconut acid, lauric acid, sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium EDTA, etidronic acid, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, soidum benzoate
Weight 230 Gram
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