Zwitsal 滑石粉 - talcum

产品含量:100克。 清新和吸收水分,尤其是那些胖乎乎的皮肤皱褶。 它可以防止刺激,并含有一滴软化油。 使用说明:先在手上撒上一点粉末,然后用手指涂抹在皮肤上。 不要涂抹在宝宝的鼻子,嘴巴和眼睛周围。 温和,皮肤病学测试,低过敏性。 注意:避免婴儿吸入,仅供外用。 成分:滑石粉,氧化锌,水合二氧化硅,石蜡,液体,香水 - Content product: 100 gram. Refreshes and absorbs moisture, especially in those chubby skin folds. It protects against irritations and contains a drop of softening oil. Instructions for use: first sprinkle a little powder on your hands and apply it with your finger on the skin. Do not apply around the nose, mouth and eyes of the baby. Mild, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic. Note: avoid inhalation by infants, only for external use. Ingredients: talc, zinc oxide, hydrated silica, paraffinum, liquidum, parfum
Weight 130 Gram
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