Olvarit 水果和蔬菜泥 - fruit & vegetable mud 6m03

产品含量:200克。 成分:50%胡萝卜,25.1%大米,15.4%水,8.5%鸡肉,菜籽油,不含麸质,不含牛奶蛋白。 使用说明:打开前按下盖子,如果发出咔嗒声,请不要使用内容产品,搅拌内容产品,用塑料勺在盘子上取出所需量,然后将盖子盖在冰箱中保存,然后使用 在24小时内,在微波炉中温热约30秒,用600W,温热后再搅拌一下,检查温度,不要保留剩菜。 平均营养价值:每100克257kJ / 61kcal - Content product: 200 gram. Ingredients: 50% carrot, 25,1% rice, 15,4% water, 8,5% chicken, rapeseed oil, gluten free, cow's milk protein free. Instructions: press the lid before open it, if it clicks then do not use the Content product, stir the Content product and do the desired amount on a plate with a plastic spoon, save the remaining with the lid closed in the refrigerator and use it within 24 hours, warm in the microwave around 30 seconds with 600W, after warm it up stir it again and check the temperature, do not save the leftovers. Average nutrional value: 257kJ/61kcal per 100 gram
Weight 330 Gram
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